05 Dec

Top 3 Spa Treatments I Like to Do at Home

spa at home

As a person who loves to relax, spas are basically my haven. I love finding new ones to try, but I still do have my all time favourites.

I cannot tell you how much money I have spent on spa breaks to get me away from my corporate day job. When things get too hellish spas are basically my salvation. But I can’t always go to a spa. And I don’t always have the money to spend at one.

Let’s face it. Spas and spa treatments? They’re expensive. Crazy expensive. Sometimes even exorbitantly so. Read More

06 Mar

Bringing Your Dog to a Pet Spa

Why bring your dog do a regular old dog groomer if you can bring your lovely canine at to a pet spa?

Pet spas are slowly becoming more popular among dog owners, who wanted something that would be a great alternative to bringing your dog to what is an equivalent of a dog stylist.

Instead of just focusing on grooming alone, many dog owners turn to dog spas to give their pampered pooches even better ways to pamper them.

Since we all love spas here on The Spa Breaks, we thought that we wanted to try out a dog spa with our friendly canines as well.

Most dog spa services offer grooming services on top of regular spa activities that have been adapted to accommodate your dogs.

Here are just some of the services being offered at pet spas:

Most dog spas are actually grooming salons for fancy pet breeds that simply take it a step further.

dog grooming

Grooming is a great way to keep your pet’s fur clean and fresh, while also protecting their skin.

Grooming services are the only way to keep your pet’s fur healthy, especially if it is a long haired breed that requires a lot of maintenance.

One of the most popular services available at a pet spa include hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy uses water jets, warm baths, or bubbling jacuzzi baths to relax and pamper your dog.


Hydrotherapy is perfect for dogs who love water, and it leaves them squeaky clean afterwards too. Most hydrotherapy treatments can be combined with aromatherapy treatments, which use pet friendly scents that will reinvigorate your pet instead of irritating their sensitive noses.

Pet massage
Pet massages use massage techniques that have been specially developed for dogs. We all know how dogs love to be petted, so a good pet massage does absolute wonders.

dog massage

It helps soothe your dog and makes his muscles more malleable so that he can jump and play like any happy dog.

Natural pet food
Most pet spas will also offer all natural pet food as part of a detox programme. Dogs often end up eating nasty fillers and meats made out of diseased or maggot infested carcasses, which are often chemically treated and then mixed into dry dog food.

natural-pet food

On the other hand, pet foods that are made of natural ingredients are healthier and more nutritious, and aids in ridding the body of harmful chemicals and free radicals which can affect your dog’s health in a negative way.

Paw scrub
Paw scrubs are specialised “dog manicures” which include trimming down the nails and cleaning out all of the folds and fur between a dog’s fur.

The paw is rife with nooks and crannies that breed bacteria, so a thorough cleaning is needed to ensure the health of your dog.

Ticks and flees like to hide between your dogs’ toes, and the foot pads of the paws can become dry and cracked if not conditioned and cared for.

A cool video showing a family bringing their dog to a pet spa:

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